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Passenger Statistics - January 2013


In the first month of 2013, Katowice Airport handled 139 490 passengers overall, which is 1.7% fewer than in the same month last year.

The Upper Silesian Aviation Group, which manages Katowice Airport, expects an increase in passenger traffic from April this year which will coincide with the launch of five new regular connections from Katowice Airport. Ryanair is launching connections to Edinburgh, Barcelona, Alicante and Crete, Wizz Air on the other hand - Bergen, Norway.

Charter traffic will also aid in the increase in overall passenger traffic from the second quarter of the year onwards. This year, the airport in Pyrzowice will have the largest offer charter passengers the largest charter network of all of Poland's regional airports. Amongst the 39 holiday destinations will be several new ones: Sardinia, Lamezia Terme, Batumi and the Greek Islands of Lefkada and Kefalonia.

The Upper Silesian Aviation Group is forecasting an increase of approximately 5% in overall passenger traffic,  and an approx. 10% increase in charter segment in comparison to the previous year. This will result in Katowice Airport handling approximately 2.7 million passengers.

Katowice Airport currently offers 72 routes of which 33 are regular and 39 are charter connections.

Katowice Airport
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