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Passenger statistics - November 2015


November 2015 was the eighth record-breaking month in a row in terms of total traffic at Katowice Airport.

The second last month of this year ended with the airport in Pyrzowice having handled 170 911 passengers, which is 18 794 (+12.3%) more than in November 2014.

Overall,  140 969 people used regularly-scheduled services to and from Katowice Airport in November. This is 18 723 (+15.3%) more in comparison to the previous November.

Charter traffic, however, suffered a very small drop, with 25 273 passengers using Katowice Airport, which translates to 1 255 (-4.7%) fewer than in the second last month of the previous year.

From the beginning of the year, Katowice Airport has handled 2 893 818 passengers, which is 342 832 (+13.4%) more than in the 11 consecutive months of 2014.

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