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Passenger Statistics - September 2014

September 2014 saw 322 289 passengers pass through Katowice Airport, which is 38 500 (+13.5%) more than in the analagous month last year. In addition, it was the best September result in the airport's history.

In terms of charter volume, Katowice Airport handled 169 744 passengers, which is 48 500 (+40%) than in September 2013.

From the beginning of the year, 2 173 049 passengers have passed through the airport, which translates to 134 500 (+6.6%) more passengers than in the January-September time period last year.

Forecasts predict that 2014 will be a record-breaking year in terms of overall passenger numbers, and that Katowice Airport will handle around 2.7 million travellers, of whom an approx. 1 million will be charter passengers (last year: 760 000).

Katowice Airport
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