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Passenger statistics - July 2015


July was Katowice Airport's most successful month in history. For the first time, more than 400 000 passengers were handled overall in a 31-day period. Katowice Airport handled precisely 427 170 passengers, which is 61 443 passengers more (+17%) than in the corresponding month last year.

In terms of regularly-scheduled services to and from Pyrzowice, 207 142 passengers used Katowice Airport, which is 41 022 (+24%) more than in July 2014. Holiday travel also saw a dramatic rise in passenger numbers in July with 219 211 passengers using Katowice Airport, which is 20 011 passengers more (+10%) in comparison to the seventh month of 2014. From the beginning of the year, 1 696 704 passengers have used connections from Katowice Airport's network, which is 213 159 passengers more (+14%) in comparison to the January-July 2014 time period.

2015 will for the first time see the 3-millon passenger mark broken.

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