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The airport – from Rybnik and Gliwice


TigerExpress, Czech bus line, has introduced new stops on the Ostrava - Katowice Airport route. Seven connections daily to the airport.

Busy będą odjeżdżać z dworca autobusowego w Rybniku i z Placu Piastów w Gliwicach. Na lotnisku zatrzymują sie na stanowisku nr 8 przed budynkiem Terminalu A.

Buses will depart from the bus station (Dworzec Autobusowy) in Rybnik and from Piast Square (Plac Piastów) in Gliwice. At the airport, buses will stop at Bay 8 in front of Terminal A.

TigerExpress requires mandatory seat reservations on all its routes, so travel without prior seat-reservation will not be possible. Tickets are available on the company's website:, or on the phone:  +48 608 921 919.

Katowice Airport
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