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Passenger Statistics – Review of 2016



2016 was a record-breaking year at Katowice Airport - in all segments of passenger traffic.

The airport achieved the best results in its history overall, as well as in regular and charter traffic segments.

In terms of overall traffic, 3 221 261 travellers used Katowice Airport's network. This translates to 151 982 more passengers (+4.9%) in comparison to 2015.

In regularly-scheduled traffic, 2 126 540 passengers travelled to and from Katowice Airport, which is 138 561 more (+7%) than in the previous year.

Katowice Airport also achieved pleasing results in the charter sector. Overall, 1 079 159 holiday-makers travelled to and from Katowice Airport, translating to 21 710 more (+2%) than in 2015.


At Katowice Airport, the final month of 2016 ended with overall growth in all sectors of passenger traffic: overall, regular, and charter.

Overall, Katowice Airport handled 186 771 passengers, which is 11 058 more (+6.3%) than in the same month one year earlier.

In terms of regularly-scheduled services, the airport handled 159 430 passengers, which translates to 9053 more (+6%) in comparison to the twelfth month of 2015.

Large growth was recorded in the charter sector. In the final month of 2016, 22 032 passengers used the holiday network offered from Katowice Airport. This is 4 211 more passengers (+23%) than in December, 2015.

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