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9-millionth Wizz Air passenger

Today, Wizz Air celebrates transporting its 9-millionth passenger from Katowice - Ms Sonia Kubiczek with her husband and one-year-old son, Aleksander, from Chorula near Opole. They were flying from Katowice to Eindhoven on holidays. Ms Kubiczek received a voucher for a ticket for two people to any city to which Wizz Air flies from Katowice, as well as a gift from the airport.

"This was a wonderful surprise, particularly on a day like today - it's my birthday and it's my one-year old son's first flight. I often fly with Wizz Air and I still can't believe that I won free tickets. Today I'm flying to Eindhoven and I'm already thinking about where to fly to next. Thank you Wizz Air" commented Sonia Kubiczek. 

Daniel de Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager at Wizz Air, said: "We'd like to thank all 9 million passengers who have travelled with Wizz Air, for choosing the high quality and low prices, and fantastic client services that we offer. Today it was an honour for the entire team at our base at Katowice Airport to invite our 9-millionth passenger, Ms Sonia Kubiczek, her husband and one year od son, Aleksander, for a free Wizz Air flight for two people - to celebrate the significant growth of passenger numbers in Poland and even lower prices ticket. We pledge that we will always offer the best prices, no hidden charges and that the cheapest tickets will always be easy to find and book on our reservation system."

"Today we celebrate Wizz Air's 9-millionth passenger travelling on low-cost arline, Wizz Air, and the airline's 8 years at our airport. It was here that the airline started its operations and opened its first base in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2004, Katowice Airport has handled more than 17 million passengers in total, of which 9 millon have been transported by Wizz Air. This is the most impressive result that Wizz Air has achieved with regards to all the Polish airports with which it partners." Leszek Budka - Upper Silesian Group's Vice President.

During today's press conference in Katowice, Wizz Air announced its cooperation with during this year's ski season. Infoski offers fantastic winter deals to the Alps and Pyrenees, using Wizz Air's  network.

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