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Passenger Statistics - May 2018

May 2018 was the best month in Katowice Airport's history, and at the same time, the 16thmonth in a row of double-digit growth in overall passenger volume. Overall, during May, Katowice Airport handled 339 406passengers, which is 90 665more (+29.4%)in comparison to the same time period last year. Aircraft performed 3 578take offs and landings - 714more (+24.9%)than in May 2017.

In the past month, regularly-scheduled services spanning 21different countries and 54routes saw Katowice Airport handle 240 582passengers, 27 406more (+12.9%)than in May 2017. Charter services also saw growth of 65.8%and with 157 714passengers travelling from Katowice Airport this translates to 62 582passengers more than in the corresponding time period last year.

From the beginning of the year to the end of May, Katowice Airport has handled 1 405 330passengers - 289 668more (+26%)than in the same time period last year.

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