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Passenger Statistics – June and first half of 2018

Summary of June 2018

June this year did not only have the best result in terms of all Junes in Katowice Airport's history but also  had the best result in any month ever. Katowice Airport handled, overall, 581 003 passengers, which is 131 692 more (+29.1%) in comparison to the same month last year. August 2017's record was broken, in which 546 333 passengers using charter connections from Katowice Airport. 

The sixth month of the year was also the best in Katowice Airport's history in terms of take offs and landings at Katowice Airport - with 4 560 overall. This result bettered the existing record held by August 2017 and Katowice Airport had 4 298 take offs and landings. In addition, Thursday 28 June saw a record-breaking number of passengers handled at Katowice Airport, with 25 476 passengers, with 177takeoffs and landings on the one day.

In terms of regularly-scheduled services, Katowice Airport handled 256 892 passengers, which is 38 681 more (+17.7%) in comparison to June 2017. In overall holiday traffic, the airport handled 323 336 passengers, 92 851 more (+40.3%) than the previous June.

Summary of 1st half of 2018

In the first six months of 2018, Katowice Airport handled 1 986 333 passengers overall, which is 421 260 more (+26.9%) in comparison to the same time period last year. In the first half of the year,  there were 18 257 aircraft operations, which is 3 516 more (+23.8%) than in the January to June time period the previous year.

Overall, Katowice Airport handled 1 324 710 passengers in terms of regularly-scheduled services, which is 212 393 more (+19.1%) than in the corresponding time period last year. In terms of charter traffic, the airport handled 656 116 passengers, which is 208 908 more (+46.7%) than in the same time period in 2017.

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