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Passenger Statistics – Summary of 2012

Despite the slump on the European aviation market, Katowice Airport finished 2012 with an overall increase in passenger numbers.

In comparison to 2011, passenger traffic rose by almost 0.5%. Overall, Katowice Airport handled 2 550 848 passengers, which was 6 700 more than in 2011.

The number of aircraft operations (take-offs and landings) also rose by 4.5%. The past year saw 30 584 aircraft operations overall.

In 2012, the airport noted an increase in regularly scheduled traffic (traditional and low-cost airlines) of 2.7% and handled a total of 1 749 625 passengers in this segment of air travel.

Katowice Airport handled fewer charter passengers than forecast for 2012 - the airport handled 776 093 passengers (4.8% fewer than in 2011).

The Upper Silesian Aviation Group, which manages the airport in Pyrzowice forecasts that in 2013, Katowice Airport will handle 2.65 million passengers - 5-6% more than in the past year.

Katowice Airport
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