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Passenger statistics - February 2016

In terms of the number of passengers handled, February 2016 saw the best overall passenger numbers in the airport's history. Overall, in terms of both regularly-scheduled and charter services, 161 591 passengers used Katowice Airport. This translates to an increase of 14 194 (+9.6%) passengers in comparison to February last year.

The catalyst for this record was growth in the regularly-scheduled sector, which saw Katowice Airport handle 138 720 passengers, which translates to an increase of 18 369 (+15.3%) in comparison to the corresponding time period in 2015.  Charter traffic, on the other hand saw a fall in passenger numbers, with 21 695 passengers flying on holidays from Katowice Airport, which is 4 085 fewer passengers in comparison to February last year. The fall in passenger numbers was greatly influence by unstability in Egypt. The resorts in Egypt have for years been the most popular holiday destinations for Polish people in Winter.

The number of aircraft operations - aircraft take-offs and landings, February 2016 saw 1709 operations performed at Katowice Airport. This is 127 more (+8%) in comparison to the same month last year.

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